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Kaa is a highly flexible and scalable IoT platform for building IoT solutions and managing connected devices.

Kaa Cloud

Kaa Cloud is a Platform as a Service (PaaS). Use it in case you want to use the Kaa IoT Platform without the need to set up and maintain your own platform instance and infrastructure. During Kaa Cloud registration you will get a tenant, which represents an isolated space within the Kaa platform where you can create, organize, and manage your resources like devices, applications, dashboards, users, etc.

If you are new to Kaa, Kaa Cloud is your starting point.

Private Deployment

Private deployment is another Kaa usage option. Here you will have your dedicated Kaa Platform instance with the access to every bit of its functionality. Microservice-based architecture will allow you to customise and expand the platform capabilities to your needs. There are two options of private deployment: KaaIoT-hosted and self-hosted. More info is here.

Refer to Platform Architecture Overview documentation section to find out more about the Kaa Platform architecture and how you can utilize it with private deployment option.

Open source kit and open APIs


Refer to Kaa REST API documentation for integration of custom web UI or mobile app with the Kaa platform. You can also use the same REST API for third-party integrations when you need to communicate data from the Kaa platform to external systems. There you will also find how to authenticate REST API calls to fetch and modify the data in your tenant.

Arduino SDK

In case you use Arduino and want to communicate with Kaa using MQTT, utilize Kaa Arduino SDK. The library provides a client functionality for communicating with Kaa IoT Platform. It comes with example sketches for ESP8266, ESP32 and STM32.

MQTT client for Node.js

Refer to Kaa MQTT client for Node.js in case you need to communicate with Kaa from Node.js environment. The library provides a range of methods to interact with the platform's features. It encapsulates the complexity of MQTT communication, offering a user-friendly interface for IoT applications.

Getting Started

Get started with exploring Kaa features in the documentation menu or jump right to the first tutorial which will help you in connecting your first device.