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what you can do with Kaa

Connect, manage, and optimize your fleet with Kaa

As one of the biggest adopters of IoT technology, the automotive industry has numerous use cases that can benefit from a powerful IoT platform like Kaa. First and foremost, real-time vehicle telemetry tracking allows companies to create custom-tailored fleet management solutions. In Kaa, you get a ready-to-go fleet management solution dashboard that is customizable --you can add more graphical widgets, and connect any devices that support IoT integration. Combining a rich set of out-of-the-box dashboards and widgets with vast customization capabilities, Kaa offers companies in the automotive sector a great opportunity to streamline their IoT projects and significantly cut development costs.

For connected car engineering, Kaa supports popular IoT protocols, such as MQTT, and allows for custom connectivity add-ons. Kaa can be easily integrated with different kinds of automotive equipment — sensors, GPS trackers, electronics — and help you introduce numerous smart features for improved operations and user experience. The Kaa platform’s open APIs also enable you to use it together with other solutions for vehicle data management & analytics, cargo tracking, delivery management, etc. Or you can easily create that functionality on Kaa!

As an end-to-end IoT platform, Kaa provides all necessary IoT features to create a full-scale automotive IoT solution, from tracking vehicle telemetry and managing a fleet of vehicles to vehicle data analytics and rule-based automation. Depending on your specific product - whether it’s a smart device for connected cars or a fleet management solution - you can use Kaa to enhance your offering. But even if you’re a fleet operator or a car sharing service provider who has minimal IoT expertise, you can use Kaa as a connected car orchestration platform that will tie together all the related devices, data, and applications under your smart car project.

If you need more than just a smart device but a custom solution for your automotive IoT project, Kaa can take you all the way towards your business goals… and farther into the future.

Kaa ensures successful implementation of end-to-end fleet management and vehicle telematics solutions by addressing each part of a typical use case scenario — vehicle data collection and visualization, customizable operator’s dashboards, user access rights management, smart alerts, and trends analytics. All these features are available in Kaa as standard.

With its elastic, enterprise-grade scalability, Kaa can be applied to monitor and manage any number of vehicles in real time. It is also easy to connect devices from different vendors and devices supporting different transport protocols by using Kaa.

There’s also a ready-to-go solution dashboard for fleet management that is available for every Kaa user for download inside the platform. It features some of the most popular graphical widgets for fleet management and can be used as the foundation of your custom IoT solution. It also dramatically speeds up the learning process on how to create your own IoT dashboards in Kaa.

Some of the fleet management and vehicle telematics capabilities that can be implemented with Kaa:

  • Real-time car telematics - speed, fuel, tyre pressure, etc.
  • Vehicle location tracking and ETA
  • Geofencing
  • Speeding, idle time alerts
  • Remote control - engine on/off, dash cam, lock, etc.
  • Vehicle/driver performance analytics

Some of the major benefits of IoT is how it reduces maintenance costs and helps prevent the risk of an accident or theft for your connected cars. So, in addition to tracking location and telematics data, you can also monitor your vehicle’s performance, health, and safety. This can be a great addition to a fleet management solution or be a separate system with its own merit. This is where Kaa can help you make it possible any way you like it.

Kaa translates the predictive maintenance concept into a highly practical and straightforward solution by enabling you to integrate diverse vehicle’s sensors, hardware modules, electronics, and control units, and remotely monitor their operation 24/7. Featuring analytics and smart alerts as a standard feature, Kaa allows you to set up and automatically receive notifications about any parameters going outside the norm.

The following predictive maintenance and car health monitoring use cases can be enabled with Kaa:

  • Car system monitoring
  • Malfunction alerts
  • Remote troubleshooting
  • Car events logging - engine, locks, fueling, passengers, etc.
  • Safe driving enforcement - speed limits, anti-fatigue solutions
  • Integrated anti-theft solutions

With Kaa, not only will you be able to connect and manage various automotive IoT devices but also manage software for those devices, support multiple versions, run and analyze A/B tests, and create automation rules based on device data analytics.

Kaa also supports over-the-air software updates feature, which allows keeping track of your existing device software and stage rollouts of new versions for individual devices as well as device groups. This feature will ensure that your devices are easily maintainable and future-proof.

Due to its powerful IoT analytics functionality, Kaa enables you to set up automation rules for various kinds of events coming from your connected car devices. You can create multiple thresholds and configure different actions depending on the severity of the event. By taking advantage of smart alerts and notifications, you may be sure to not miss any single issue concerning your vehicle’s performance.

Here’s how you can manage software and analytics for connected cars with Kaa:

  • Remotely update software for your devices
  • Maintain multiple software versions, run A/B tests
  • Manage user access rights
  • Automatically monitor events, collect logs
  • Set up thresholds for alerts and notifications
  • Create automation rules