Webinars and Tutorials

Smart City Automation with KaaIoT Platform and RFS Smart Pole

Learn how to simplify the implementation of a smart parking system with the Kaa Rule Engine.

IoT Energy Management with KaaIoT’s Automation Flow

Our showcase webinar with real-world use cases of Automation Flow in action and explanation on how it can optimize the energy usage of your IoT devices.

Harness IoT-based smart asset management with KaaIoT

An in-depth, hands-on look at the asset management features in the Kaa IoT Platform.

Introducing the Kaa IoT Platform release 1.4

We’re highlighting the Kaa 1.4 new features, such as Kaa Identity Access Management, custom widgets, public dashboards, tenant usage statistics, analytics level security, and data transformation in this webinar.

Kaa Identity Access Management (IAM)

Initially designed as a SaaS product for companies utilizing IoT, Kaa IAM is also perfectly suitable for companies of different sizes working in diverse areas, not necessarily IoT.

Introducing the Kaa IoT Platform release 1.3

In this pre recorded webinar we review new features added in release 1.3 of the Kaa IoT Platform.

Introducing the new Kaa release 1.2

In this webinar, dedicated to the latest Kaa release 1.2, we will demonstrate all the cool features added for the past few months to the Kaa platform and the Kaa Cloud.

Data Analytics and Notifications with the Kaa IoT Platform

In this webinar, we'll teach you how analytics and notifications work with the Kaa IoT Platform and how you can use them to create end-to-end IoT applications.

Introducing Kaa IoT Cloud and new Kaa 1.1

Watch our live webinar to explore the new Kaa 1.1 and the Kaa IoT Cloud, a self-service IoT PaaS that runs the latest version of the Kaa Enterprise IoT Platform.

Streamlining Integration and Deployment of IoT Healthcare Ecosystems

On this webinar we will explain why Healthcare service providers, OEMs and technology companies should really care about IoT ecosystems and integration issues right today.

Accelerating Successful IoT Applications and Services in Telecom

During this webinar we looked into new business opportunities opened for Telecom operators by the Internet of Things.

Discovering Business Value of the Industrial IoT

This webinar explores the business story behind the Industrial IoT and Industry 4.0 concepts.

Getting started

Getting started tutorials are a great place to begin exploring the capabilities of the Kaa IoT platform. A series of quick to complete guides will walk you through the main Kaa features and how to start using them. We suggest that you follow getting started tutorials in sequence to get the most out of each.

Advanced Kibana Tutorial: How to create widgets in Kaa externally

In this video you will learn how to create your widgets externally with the help of Kibana and integrate them into the Kaa Enterprise IoT Platform.

How to use Kaa’s pre-integrated widgets

In this video you will learn how to create, configure, and customize pre-integrated widgets of Kaa IoT Platform. This video will show how you can create and customize your own IoT dashboard and leverage the data that your device is collecting.

How to create an IoT application and endpoint token in Kaa

In this video you will learn how to create an IoT application version and endpoint token in order to connect your device to the Kaa IoT Cloud.

How to connect a device to Kaa Cloud

In this video you will learn how to connect your first device to the Kaa Cloud and discover how to create a digital pin for your device, connect it, retrieve and submit arbitrary metadata attributes, and view results in the Kaa web interface.