Edge-to-Cloud IoT Development

Edge-to-cloud IoT solutions with Kaa

There are multiple challenges that developers face when creating IoT solutions. One of them is connecting diverse edge devices to the cloud in a fast and simple manner. This also includes tackling multiple connectivity protocols and especially those devices that cannot connect to the Internet on their own. We address these needs with the combination of our cloud and edge IoT offerings.

By utilizing the powers of the Kaa platform and gateway, developers can create comprehensive IoT solutions that efficiently address edge connectivity challenges, end-to-end security, custom cloud deployment options, and performance optimization. Use the Kaa IoT Gateway to consolidate IoT devices that do not support popular protocols, such as MQTT or HTTP. Add them to the Kaa IoT Platform in a few simple steps. Run Kaa in any cloud or on-premises to fit your IoT solution strategy. Enjoy straightforward edge-to-cloud IoT solution development capabilities provided by Kaa.


Edge-to-cloud feature set

Multiple connectivity options MULTIPLE CONNECTIVITY OPTIONS

Industrial, consumer, mobile protocols, or wired connectivity

Device configuration on edge DEVICE CONFIGURATION ON EDGE

Application and device configuration management, ready-to-go examples, and a gateway developer’s board

End-to-end security END-TO-END SECURITY

OpenSSL engine, TLS, encrypted storage, application monitor, device credentials management and other features

Rich IoT feature set RICH IOT FEATURE SET

A comprehensive feature set for an end-to-end IoT use case, rich UI widgets, accessible even for non-developers

Freedom of customization and deployment FREEDOM OF CUSTOMIZATION AND DEPLOYMENT

Customize or create new Kaa microservices, deploy it on any cloud, on-premises, our cloud hosting, or use Kaa IoT Cloud PaaS to get started in minutes

Easy to set up, learn, and master EASY TO SET UP, LEARN, AND MASTER

No prior IoT development expertise required in order to create comprehensive IoT solutions with Kaa; tutorials and live help are also available!

Kaa is one of the few platforms that allows you to address a typical end-to-end IoT use case without acquiring extra modules and services. In many cases, the PaaS format of the Kaa IoT Cloud is all you need to set up necessary IoT device management, monitoring, and analytics. For really complex enterprise-grade IoT solutions, you can use the Kaa IoT Cloud to create a viable proof of concept and then move to the Kaa platform to set up a more customized solution.


  • All features are in one place
  • End-to-end IoT use case
  • Customizable UI
Kaa Advantages
  • Allows deploying your own services
  • Self-hosted deployment available
  • Unlimited free trial with up to 5 devices

Industry solutions and use cases

Kaa has been used for IoT project implementation in nearly all major industries. With its steadily growing footprint of IoT innovations spanning over 5 years, Kaa has adopted the most wanted features and tools to allow businesses create IoT solutions faster and easier. We also made a specific emphasis on the extensive customization options in Kaa to address the needs of large-scale IoT projects, which typically require a number of custom-designed capabilities, integrations, and UI elements. As a result, Kaa has been effectively used by lean startups as well as large enterprises.

Some of the most straightforward IoT solutions that can be built with Kaa include smart metering, fleet management, predictive maintenance, performance monitoring, and asset tracking. For a risk-free trial, you can take advantage of the free Kaa IoT Cloud plan, which allows connecting up to 5 devices, to build a proof of concept for your solution before making any commitments.

Kaa solution
Kaa solution
Kaa solution

Expanding Kaa with more edge-to-cloud capabilities

You can practically create your own custom IoT platform on top of Kaa and consolidate your existing applications and tools into a cohesive edge-to-cloud IoT ecosystem. There are several ways to do that.

First, by using its open APIs, you can integrate Kaa with industry-specific data management applications for automated data sync. For example, you can send inventory data updates from Kaa to an ERP system, or update customer-specific information in your CRM system according to the customer’s device usage patterns collected by Kaa. There may be other data storage and reporting systems used by your company that can take further actions upon data provided by Kaa

On the edge and connectivity side, Kaa helps you easily connect devices via popular MQTT and HTTP protocols as well as take advantage of numerous other connectivity methods via the Kaa IoT Gateway or by setting up your own protocols in Kaa. The platform’s flexible architecture based on microservices allows developers to implement new services and add them to the platform.

Second, you can set up more advanced device analytics by the means of Kaa/Open Distro integration provided out of the box. Open Distro by Elasticsearch is a powerful analytics tool that can help you create smart alerts, filter out important data trends, and review performance KPIs for your devices. You can also integrate Kaa with popular cloud services for ETL/ELT data pipeline management or ML/AI tools for more complex data workflows.

Finally, for the maximized branding and ownership, Kaa offers a self-hosted plan under which you can set up a fully custom Kaa cluster on your cloud of choice and also acquire such options as whitelabeling, which means your full branding on the platform, client redistribution, which means hosting the Kaa platform as a part of your product in the infrastructure of your customers' choice, and unlimited number of devices.