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Unleash the transformative power of IoT
Kaa IoT Services

No company can prosper in the modern information landscape without fully adopting the power of the Internet of Things - the ecosphere created by the huge number of IoT devices, tools, systems and platforms that transmit data between people and teams.

Take advantage of IoT’s power and leverage a huge advantage against your competitors. This way you can exponentially improve your company's operations and performance.

Thanks to Kaa’s products and services we can offer a number of attractive incentives to our partners. Check out some of our key actionable benefits.

Why Choose Us

image description Deep experience

Kaa has worked for over 25 years in IoT, Telecom, and Big Data. We’re experts in the IoT industries field and can provide custom IoT solutions for almost any enterprise.

image description Next-level security

The IoT data we collect is safe in transit and in storage. Rest assured, anything collected via our IoT services is completely secure.

image description Simple & scalable

Our IoT services are easy to use and simple to implement. You can scale infinitely too thanks to the IoT microservices architecture baked by Kubernetes.

image description Access control

Each of our IoT services can work for multilayered organizations, and out-of-box authentication & authorization for users with open OAuth2 / UMA interface ensures control is guaranteed.

image description Dedicated support

We work with you closely to ensure that everything we provide is implemented effectively, and we’re always on hand should you need advice or support with your IoT initiative.

image description Full command

Set up advanced granular permission control on every organization harnessing our IoT services, on either a public cloud, privately, or both.

IoT Solutions

If you want your company to benefit from the power of IoT you need to take advantage of IoT solutions that can reduce its inherent complexity and create large-scale device networks. You can leverage our experience to boost your growth and operating efficiency. We offer a number of high quality and customizable solutions in the IoT area:

IoT Application Development

IoT Application Development

  • Develop custom IoT applications designed specifically with your company's needs in mind. Our offerings are highly secure and effective.
  • Integrate your IoT solutions across various channels including point-of-sale IoT systems, sensor IoT gateways, smart meters, and much more.
  • Create dedicated Internet of Things applications to analyze every aspect of your IoT operations to ensure increased efficiency.
  • Create highly specific IoT tools for your industry's requirements. Weather monitoring for agro-business, security for patient health records, performance analysis for sports etc.
  • Ensure seamless API interoperability and remove incompatibilities by adopting custom IoT design applications designed to support API-driven architecture.
  • Set up seamless communication and interaction between your existing middleware and IoT devices via custom centralized IoT applications.
IoT Adoption Support

IoT Adoption Support

  • Receive a full audit of your existing IoT systems and features to identify specific aspects requiring improvement and support.
  • Work closely with our IoT engineers to understand your expectations for your IoT system and create a blueprint based on your feedback.
  • Get your custom-designed IoT infrastructure based on our shared blueprint and receive tutorial support via individualized work sessions and workshops.
  • Build up on the IoT experience we provide and begin to operate your IoT system yourself. We are always on hand to provide support.
  • Begin analyzing IoT device usage and establish sensors or IoT devices management. We highlight where you’re performing strongly and highlight where improvements can be made.
  • Continue to operate your new IoT infrastructure independently. Connected via Kaa IoT Cloud, you can enjoy freedom of customization and development for your IoT solution.
IoT Ecosystem Setup

IoT Ecosystem Setup

  • Enjoy our readily deployable IoT ecosystem which includes high-quality IoT device connectivity, IoT cloud applications, and IoT data analytics.
  • Implement the connected hardware sensors that you need for a fully functioning IoT ecosystem, with the help of our experts.
  • Ensure your communication options of the highest standard via cellular communications, Bluetooth, WiFi, near-field communication and more.
  • Move to ensure your IoT ecosystem has the highest level of security possible via quick access revoke, multifactor authentication and other tools.
  • Coaching on supporting safety standards within your company that fosters IoT best practices to support a collaborative experience.
IoT Proof of Concept

IoT Proof of Concept

  • Leverage our multilateral approach to developing your IoT PoC from the brainstorming to the analysis stage.
  • Accelerate bringing your IoT product to the market via our high-level mark. Our secret? Solid proof of concept planning.
  • Join Kaa IoT Cloud for free and build a small-scale application with up to 5 devices for your own proof of concept.
  • Use our Kaa servers in tandem with your GitLab account in a seamless manner and integrate easy.
  • Complete IoT integrations for your client companies with our assistance. We know what works, what doesn’t, and we apply that to all our PoCs.
  • Embody your own specific requirements for your IoT concept - the PoC step is just the beginning.
IoT Software Enhancement for Legacy Code

IoT Software Enhancement for Legacy Code

  • Get full support in upgrading your legacy code IoT systems for the demands of the new IoT ecosystem.
  • Connect your IoT devices to modern IoT-based protocols like MT Connect and OPC and optimize your communication systems.
  • Integrate your legacy IoT devices that do not offer access to their source code or firmware via our IoT Platform.
  • Use our IoT gateway for sensors with limited computing power (or devices within local IoT environments such as LoRaWAN or ZigBee).
  • Utilize our IoT services with full control guaranteed and choose exactly what legacy systems you want to retain.
  • Embody your own specific requirements for your IoT concept - the PoC step is just the beginning.
IoT Data Analytics

IoT Data Analytics

  • Analyze telemetry data collected by your IoT devices for direct insights into user preferences, demographic data and geolocation.
  • Take IoT analytics to the next level by using it for early detection of device malfunctions or wear and tear.
  • Combine user behavior analytics with flexible IoT device customization functions. Augment the functionality of your product via personalization.
  • Leverage the previous two types of IoT solutions and enhance them with issue resolution assistance and prescriptive analysis.
  • Collect live data from your IoT sensors and analyze its various parameters to detect an anomaly or discover a new trend.
  • Learn about your customers’ preferences and improve your IoT products to meet their needs and bring them to the market quicker.

Why Choose Us

The interconnectivity of IoT demands an agile approach to managing your connected networks and devices, and helps you rapidly resolve issues with bugs, encourages iterative processing, and supports continuous development. The transparency created by the agile concept allows you to exercise full control over your IoT systems and that’s not all.

Agile development in IoT ensures that collaboration across your various employees and teams is smoother. You can improve your organization's controls thanks to better response time and increased awareness of your connected systems and devices.

Agile cross-functionality ensures better communication with your clients and better appreciation of your company’s creative potential. By adopting the agile approach you will discover numerous new ways to significantly improve your company’s performance via IoT.


We always stand right behind our clients whenever they need help at building a sustainable IoT strategy or a successful product. We support them with the best cutting-edge technologies available in the industry.