Smart building solutions for residential and commercial units

Take advantage of our free smart building IoT dashboard for climate control, energy management, and automation, all in a single IoT platform.

Kaa Building Management System Demo

What you can do with Kaa

  • Connect different smart home devices and see them on one dashboard
  • Monitor live consumption data, track down the root causes of inefficiencies
  • Remotely control lighting, heating, air conditioning, door locks, and other devices
  • Set up automated alerts for abnormalities, malfunctions, or specific user scenarios
  • Save and apply individual settings, create personalized guest experiences
  • Analyze historical data to understand user preferences
  • Manage access rights depending on user roles
  • Customize your dashboard any way you want, enrich with more widgets
  • Scale your solution to manage multiple units with the multi-tenancy feature
  • Create a branded smart building IoT solution for your business

Smart building solutions

Smart building solutions bring the power and convenience of IoT technology to our homes and workplaces. Their applications vary from plug-n-play smart home kits to complex solutions integrating thousands of devices in offices, hotels, hospitals, warehouses, etc. Smart buildings pave the way to a more sustainable future where energy efficiency, safety, productivity, and comfort are at a very high standard for everyone’s quality of living.

As smart home devices are getting more popular among the general public, a typical question asked by many is whether to go for an end-to-end solution from one smart home vendor or bring together devices from different brands. The advantages of a single-vendor solution include usually straightforward setup and reliable integration between devices. However, the users may find themselves in a situation where they can’t customize a vendor’s application, have to pay more than market-average for devices, or even find out that certain types of devices aren’t available from a vendor.

That’s why instead of a vendor’s kit of smart home devices it may be more beneficial for many people and businesses to opt for a smart home IoT solution that they can use to add any devices they want, customize it according to their preferences, and even integrate with other IoT solutions, such as smart metering or asset management. As a customizable IoT platform, Kaa offers these capabilities, enabling you to create a smart home solution for your exact needs - whether it’s connecting a few smart sockets or building a solution for an end-to-end smart home experience.

With the increasing sophistication of modern smart office designs, it is obvious that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to deliver on each aspect of automation for offices. Repurposing smart home systems for the modern office needs is hardly an option, except for the most basic monitoring and automation scenarios. In addition to limited functionality, such ready-made tools will significantly impede any future improvements and customizations due to their hard-wired system architecture. Therefore, it would be more advisable to use flexible smart office solutions that, in addition to their preset features and dashboards, allow for extensive customization, support a broad range of devices and protocols, and ensure future-proof upgrade capabilities for your smart office.

With Kaa, we address those requirements by combining a ready-to-go IoT dashboard for the basic smart office scenario with a rich IoT feature set that includes more graphical widgets for dashboard customization, device management, security, user management, over-the-air updates, branding, and more. Kaa also includes a powerful analytics module that will help you generate insights into how users interact with the office amenities and, in accordance with the gathered data, optimize your office management routines, save energy cost, and improve the overall comfort of the working space.

Smart building solutions can be effectively utilized for facility management by hotels, hospitals, manufacturers, and logistics operators. This includes smart metering, automated climate control, smart lighting, smart alerts, security monitoring, and other features. Depending on the type of facility, the required functionality and user experience can differ significantly. For example, for hotels it is important to enable guests to control their own comfort as much as possible, while in the warehouse, setting the controls should be mostly automated in order to safeguard proper storage conditions.

A flexible IoT platform like Kaa can help you build a customized facility management solution to fit your exact business case. There are ready-to-go dashboards for smart building, smart metering, etc. available inside the platform for a quick start, but you can also add numerous other widgets to display data and control devices the way you need it. Kaa supports popular IoT protocols and offers open APIs to allow users to connect any smart devices to the platform and manage them uniformly via a single user interface.

Some of the key features of Kaa for facility management include:

  • Smart metering (energy, water, gas)
  • Climate control (air conditioning, heating, humidity)
  • Security control (ID cards, doors, locks, elevators, cameras)
  • Personalized comfort and ergonomics
  • Remote smart devices
  • User behavior analytics
  • Smart lighting

Benefits of creating custom smart building solutions with Kaa

In order to help you connect your diverse devices, we designed Kaa as a flexible platform that can function as a cloud hub for your legacy and brand new devices for smart building automation. Having Kaa under the hood of your solution means it will be always future-proof, flexible, intelligent, and built-to-measure. Here’s how:

A broad selection of IoT features A broad selection of IoT features at your disposal, and more to come
Open for customizations Open for customizations and integrations
Connect any device Connect any device via popular IoT protocols or a gateway
Built-in custom branding Built-in custom branding capabilities
Over-the-air software updates Over-the-air software updates for your devices
End-to-end smart building capabilities End-to-end smart building capabilities by design, including data analytics
Flexible user roles Flexible user roles and access restrictions
Training, support, and development services Training, support, and development services available

IoT smart building dashboard

The following dashboard for smart building automation is what you get in Kaa out of the box. You can use it as a starting point for your solution, connect your devices to the platform, and start working with your data!

Kaa building management system dashboard