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IoT Enhanced Baby Technology with Kaa

Baby technology is a booming sector of the global economy and is poised to continue its growth. Modern electronics products for every step are ubiquitous among these generations of digital natives who know how to use smart devices to improve the quality of their lives. When it comes to parenting, there’s a broad choice of technology-equipped care devices, infant health monitors, video monitors, tracking devices, smart bouncers, and smart toys. IoT is the enabler of each of these baby tech products.

For baby tech product manufacturers Kaa's functionality allows managing, upgrading, and analysis into their solutions after the purchase as well as implementing exciting features for the product users. Kaa offers an end-to-end IoT feature set that allows manufacturers to collect their products telemetry data for predictive maintenance and troubleshooting, analyze users’ behavior trends to improve the existing features, remotely update the product’s software when the new version arrives, and even manage subscription services for their products (such as virtual babysitting services or 24/7 prenatal health monitoring).

Kaa's advanced GUI toolbox is complete with everything you need to design custom dashboards that offer a bird's eye view — you can ensure remote monitoring and control for any of your baby tech devices. Unlike a hard-wired application that comes as standard with the device, Kaa allows you to create a custom-tailored full-scale IoT solution, connect any devices you need, add any graphical widgets you like, and scale this solution to include hundreds or thousands of devices.

As a future-proof IoT platform built on the modern microservice architecture, Kaa will streamline development of new features for your baby tech products as well as will enable you to integrate your products with third-party applications.

Baby tech is the new frontier for IoT technology that will help us dramatically improve the parenting process. With Kaa, creating these new smart baby products is easier than ever before.

Prenatal care devices include health tracking monitors for mother and child during the pregnancy. Wearables, such as belts or wristbands, equipped with IoT technology allow collecting mother and child health data in real time and display it on custom dashboards for parents as well as doctors. Kaa provides essential features to collect, transmit, visualize, and analyze such data. The platform can be integrated with practically any modern sensor or type of connectivity, and collect data via a protected connection to the cloud for further visualization and analytics. Kaa also enables you to send remote commands to connected devices, update device software, trigger smart alerts and notifications, manage access policies, and share data to third-party applications and services.

As an end-to-end IoT platform, Kaa also makes a specific emphasis on the graphical UI components for your IoT solutions, including baby tech products. You can take advantage of Kaa widgets and dashboard templates to create a rich data visualization layer on top of your solution (desktop and mobile) as well as allow your customers to set up personalized settings, layouts, and data processing rules.

Here’s some examples of prenatal care solutions that you can build with Kaa:

  • Smart wearables for monitoring mother and child health data
  • Prenatal care data visualization
  • Smart alerts and notifications
  • HIPAA-compliant medical data protection
  • Health data analytics, pattern analysis, rule-based thresholds and automation scenarios
  • Prenatal care subscription-based services

Smart care and monitoring devices for infants and toddlers are very popular among modern-day parents. Such devices can help you keep an eye on your children from a different room and get instantly notified if a baby feels uncomfortable and needs attention. Such devices can also enable parents to interact with their children via voice or device controls, for example, automatically bounce them back to sleep or turn on their favorite song on a built-in speaker. As a baby tech device vendor, you can implement such features at a fraction of the usual time with Kaa. Kaa is an end-to-end IoT platform, which means that it addresses each aspect of smart device management - data collection and security, telemetry tracking, remote commands, data visualization, analytics, smart alerts, rule-based automation, etc.

With Kaa, upgrading your products gets much easier, too. Built on the flexible modular architecture, Kaa allows you to add new features without disrupting your existing functionality or the need to upgrade legacy systems and applications. Kaa provides a flexible multi-application management tool that enables you to manage multiple versions and generations of your product simultaneously

Whether it’s modernizing your current baby care devices or create a new product line from scratch, Kaa will provide your with necessary IoT features and tools:

  • Connect devices to the cloud, manage them remotely and collect data
  • Visualize device data on customizable web dashboards
  • Set up data analytics, smart alerts, personalized events
  • Analyze product usage patterns for future upgrades
  • Manage over-the-air software updates
  • Set up predictive maintenance and run remote troubleshooting

Unlike their traditional counterparts, smart toys are sophisticated products that require manufacturers to have a great deal of expertise in modern technology. Development of state-of-the-art smart toys involves greater investment and bears more risk due to the longer time-to-market. In order to streamline this process, toy vendors need to internalize IoT technology and - just like modern-day car manufacturers - use a purpose-built product platform that offers a framework and a toolbox for different variants, options, and models of their products. As an end-to-end IoT platform, Kaa allows toy vendors to do just that and reuse its functionality to build modern smart toys faster, analyze user behavior and run A/B tests, manage over-the-air software updates, and collect user feedback.

With Kaa, toy vendors can dramatically reduce their overhead on supporting multiple software versions for different toys, duplicated code, legacy application maintenance, etc. and have a unified IoT framework for their smart toy feature development, management, and integration. This is what you can achieve with Kaa:

  • Cloud-based connectivity and remote access features
  • End-to-end data security
  • Smart toy monitoring, management, and performance analytics
  • Remote commands
  • User behavior analytics, trends, historical analytics
  • Over-the-air software updates