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End-to-end IoT use cases for Retail

Retailers have started to adopt IoT solutions across a number of use cases to improve retail operations, reduce theft, increase sales through cross selling, optimize energy use, have precise inventory management, and to enhance customer experience. IoT enables brick and mortar retailers to compete with online competitives, deliver omnichannel customer experiences, and recover in case of disruptions caused by global emergencies or economic slowdown.

We invite you to discover how the Kaa IoT platform enables these benefits for retail companies and serves as the backbone for numerous smart retail services and solutions.

For example, Kaa can help you quickly implement applications for tracking inventory and delivery of goods with RFID tags, connecting Bluetooth beacons to provide customers with personalized mobile shopping experiences, creating smart metering and smart lighting solutions, or managing digital signage displays and tracking visitors’ interaction with them inside the store in order to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and improve customer service.

IoT retail solutions powered by Kaa can help you keep track of your assets and alert you about any potential disruptions, such as delivery delays, out of stock items, product loss or theft, abnormal storage conditions, and other inefficiencies. A powerful analytics module of Kaa will let you analyze trends over time, run A/B testing, and set up triggers for alerts and notifications.

Since the widespread adoption of credit cards, there has been hardly an innovation that improves retailers' bottom lines as much as IoT does. Make sure your business captures its full potential with Kaa.

Using RFID tags, conductive inks, and other technologies for inventory tracking, retailers can expect up to 100% inventory accuracy, eliminate unexpected out-of-stock items, reduce theft, and, as a result, increase sales margins. Kaa provides all the necessary IoT features to enable end-to-end store inventory management, from asset lifecycle management and performance analytics to smart alerts and customizable dashboards.

  • Pinpoint lost goods or theft incidents
  • Ensure availability of goods
  • Trigger timely ordering to avoid out-of-stock items
  • Automate and streamline replenishment processes
  • Optimize inventory based on current or historical analytics
  • Enable customers to check and order items from other locations

Shopping can be overwhelming. With IoT solutions from Kaa, shopping becomes a much more relaxed and enjoyable experience for your customers. You can easily adjust climate, lighting, music, and other aspects of in-store experience by remotely controlling responsible devices via a single Kaa-powered solution.

For even more personalized customer experience, you can use cloud-connected beacons, mobile applications, notifications management, and customer analytics to help the customer navigate through your store. For example, based on their previous shopping experience or quick interaction with a chatbot, a mobile application can make appropriate suggestions and give directions on where to locate specific items.

Finally, you can use Kaa to manage digital signage screens or smart vending machines, as well as provide your customers with a click to buy solution allowing them to remotely order goods and services from your store.

  • Ensure a comfortable shopping experience inside your store by remotely controlling climate devices, lighting, air sanitizers and deodorizers, etc.; set up automated workflows for these devices
  • Connect and manage security cameras, sensors, and smart devices inside your store
  • Simplify customers' navigation through your store via branded mobile apps
  • Track customer shopping patterns and create personalized offerings
  • Enable customers to order goods via smart buttons, digital kiosks, and smart vending machines

By utilizing Kaa, retailers can optimize their energy usage and adopt modern tools for energy management, including smart meters and smart lighting solutions. Kaa integrates these tools into a single smart energy solution for comprehensive energy consumption tracking, analysis, alerting, and optimization. In addition to these features that you can use to build a custom store energy management solution, Kaa also provides a ready-to-go IoT dashboard for smart metering, making it even easier to get started with IoT.

  • Connect smart meters to the cloud and track consumption data in real time
  • Analyze historical data, pinpoint root causes of inefficiency
  • Remotely monitor and control lights, air conditioners, and other appliances
  • Run cost-benefit analysis based on collected energy consumption data
  • Generate accurate reports on your energy usage profile