Kaa IoT Cloud: Secure & Customizable Google IoT Core Alternative

Get zero downtime Google IoT Core migration and harness hassle-free IoT solutions for your business even with GCP IoT Core discontinued service.

  • Migrate your Google IoT solutions to our powerful PaaS platform with no IoT expertise required
  • Try out our simulators of real IoT devices
  • Test drive the ready-to-go dashboards prepared by our team

Simple and reliable GCP IoT Core replacement

Enjoy rapid IoT development and deployment with Google IoT Core replacement from the Kaa IoT platform. Kaa Cloud offers a customizable interface, end to end encryption, integration, and unrivaled speed of service, making it the perfect Google IoT Core alternative.

Deploy a hassle-free enterprise-grade IoT solution with full access to visualizations and analytics before Google Cloud IoT Core discontinued its service. Learn more

What do you get with the Kaa IoT Cloud for your Google IoT solutions?

Being a flexible and secure Google Cloud IoT Core alternative, the Kaa IoT platform can power your IoT solutions without migrating from Google Cloud, or GCP, after the end of life of IoT Core.

IoT Device Management

Tracking of your device inventory, operational status, history of executed commands, and other data.

Telemetry Tracking

Visualize your live device data on a variety of dashboard widgets provided by the Kaa IoT Cloud.

Commands and Software Updates

Harness seamless remote control of your devices with custom widgets available out of the box.

Analytics and Alerts

Get out-of-the-box analytics and alerts features for highly granular analysis of your device telemetry.

What makes Kaa IoT Cloud a great Google IoT Core Replacement?

The Kaa team will estimate the migration timeline & scope of work and lead your IoT solution to a smooth rollout, even with Google IoT Core discontinued service. When choosing the Kaa Cloud as a Google Cloud IoT Core replacement, you allow developers to choose any suitable stack, including DevOps.

Freedom of technology

Freedom of technology

Customizable architecture

Customizable architecture

Application versioning

Application versioning

Gateway support

Gateway support





Kaa IoT platform: Areas of expertise

When choosing the best Google IoT Core alternative for your unique case, you may be wondering about the expertise of the cloud IoT platform in a particular domain.

Our portfolio contains market-proven IoT solutions that deliver real value via new revenue streams, cost saving opportunities, and enhanced customer experience for our clients, choosing Kaa among other Google IoT Core alternatives.

Kaa IoT platform: Google Cloud IoT Core alternative our clients love

ROBOTHON Peter So, Al Researcher, loT and robotics engineer

We were happy to use Kaa's platform for our worldwide Robothon Grand Challenge Competition, which went digital this year, and share our passion for robotics and building a better, greener environment for all.

NET4.10 Dave Locke, Chief Technology Officer

Kaa is at the core of many of our solutions. We have been consistently impressed with the technology and with the skill of KaaloT's engineers who have assisted the development of our solutions. Their willingness to take on board new ideas and requirements and then deliver them in a timely manner has made Kaa a more rounded and valuable technology for our solutions to be based on.

ATMESYS Piotr Grzymski, Chief Executive Officer

With the KaaloT team's assistancy we achieved our goals within a tight timeline. They influenced us in a positive way and made advantageous changes to the platform which allowed us to implement updates for our smart weather station.

Checklist: How to migrate from Google IoT Core to the Kaa IoT platform?

  • 01
    Gather requirements for your IoT project
  • 02
    Fill out the form on our website
  • 03
    Get a free Engineering consulting hour to define your further IoT strategy
  • 04
    Get the migration roadmap from Kaa Engineering Team
  • 05
    Roll out your solution or new features
  • Success!

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Migrate to Kaa IoT Cloud

Migrate from Google Cloud IoT Core to Kaa Cloud and connect, set up and program your devices directly via our IoT Cloud Service. We offer a Google IoT alternative with custom engineering support for businesses of all sizes so they can quickly transfer, create or deploy IoT projects and solutions.

From ready dashboards to API configurations, our engineers have already prepared everything to allow migrating from Google Cloud IoT Core effectively, smoothly and with no downtime to your business. You can set up your Kaa IoT Cloud account independently by watching YouTube tutorials and webinars or connect with the team directly to make the process faster.

If you are using LoRa devices connectivity in the Google Cloud IoT Core service before its disbanding, you can connect your LoRa devices to Kaa using The Things Network (TTN). Get new opportunities to expand your projects in the Kaa IoT Cloud environment and deploy production-ready demos for your clients even after the end of life of Google IoT Core services.

Google Cloud IoT Core is being retired but you won’t regret it with the customizability and a wide range of features the Kaa IoT platform provides. Harness containerized, lightweight Kaa IoT architecture to achieve stable operations in multilevel systems that are hard to maintain or scale. Our carefully crafted connectivity solutions include pre-built widgets for IoT dashboards that can remove the complexity of the project.

To keep your IoT solutions safe even after Google IoT discontinued its service, you need to undertake the Google IoT Core comparison. Or you can use a detailed AWS vs Google IoT Сore vs Kaa IoT Cloud comparison prepared by the Kaa team. We also estimate the timeline, scope of work, and effort of migrating to the Kaa Cloud.

The Kaa IoT Cloud provides real-time monitoring and tracking of your projects on a secure and scalable platform with high availability. Get support for bugs and analyze big data in a secure, intelligent environment with on-demand integration with other Google services. You don’t need to leave Google Cloud after Google IoT discontinues its services if you choose the Kaa Cloud among other Google Cloud IoT Core alternatives.

Deliver services and the infrastructure for your partners with effective IoT solutions migration by our Google certified engineers. Skip building the whole ecosystem from scratch and improve operational efficiency by implementing the mere environment replacement and saving new system setup costs instead of adjusting your backend, refactoring or rearchitecting.

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