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Urban Connectivity and Environment Tracking with Kaa 

Observe environment and air parameters such as lighting, air quality, humidity, and vibration in real time
Get parking lot information and garbage bin status
Analyze camera data stream
Provide WiFi, LoRa, 5G/4G/3G connectivity and control it directly via the dashboard
Set up alarms for the required parameters
Track alarm and connection status of every smart pole via the dashboard map
Customize to build your own solution for smart city infrastructure
Solve infrastructure problems throughout the asset life cycle

What is Urban Connectivity and Environment Tracking?

Modern city infrastructure requires uninterrupted connectivity for vital services and assets management. Centralized platforms collect data from citizens and connected devices to plan and improve operations, including transportation systems management, utilities supply, criminal investigations, and general city governance.

Ambient air quality monitoring is also of the paramount importance for the wellbeing of residents. Further analyzing the data and alarming about the variable weather or dangerous particles pollution can reduce health effects on scale.

Managing urban traffic flow in real time, smart parking solutions help avoid traffic congestions and save millions from the city’s budget, safely guiding drivers to their parking spots without stress.

Sustainable urban environment, built to evolve for the green economy, should be resource efficient. Better management of urban areas, steady emissions control, and improved connectivity are the cornerstones of cities of the future.

Urban Connectivity and Environment Tracking Dashboard Use Cases

Directly influencing how we manage our resources, smart solutions for urban space management can have a huge economic impact. While eco-friendly practices help achieve ecological, comfortable, and clean cities, urban infrastructure solutions decide how it happens. With the detailed, historical cloud-based data analysis encompassing multiple urban spheres, city councils select and implement best people-centric projects that improve quality of life. You can use the Kaa IoT Platform to implement and maintain your urban connectivity and environment tracking product or solution.

The Benefits of Creating Custom Urban Connectivity and Environment Tracking Solutions with Kaa

Ready-to-go widgets in all Kaa IoT Dashboards
Over-the-air software updates for your devices
Customizable and open for multiple integrations
Training, support, and development services are available
Connect any device via popular IoT protocols or gateway
Flexible deployment options, including PaaS and self-hosted

Create Your Own Urban Connectivity and Environment Tracking Dashboard

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