Kaa Air Quality Monitoring and Management Dashboard

Take total control of your IoT environment to benefit your business

Air Quality Management with Kaa

  • Observe a number of key metrics including PM 2.5 and PM 10 concentration levels
  • Check for nitrogen dioxide, ozone, sulfur dioxide and more
  • Use a highly customizable dashboard with numerous widget options
  • Create custom alarms and notifications linked with multiple devices
  • Map areas according to air quality with an individualized color scheme
  • Track all key metrics to a high degree of precision in real-time

What is Air Quality Management?

Air quality management refers to the process of actively monitoring pollution levels in a given area and acting to improve the quality of air that the public breathes.

This process is frequently carried out by both public and private entities in order to comply with health and safety legislation.

The data collected during the monitoring process can be used to improve air quality as well as to create detailed forecasts, and identify where energy-saving initiatives can be implemented.

Air Quality Management Dashboard Use Cases

Don’t think that an air quality management dashboard is designed with only niche industries in mind; It’s not. It can be used by a number of different companies working in a myriad of fields. Integrate our dashboard with your IoT network and customize it according to your needs and you’ll see the results immediately.


We spend most of our lives indoors and the COVID-19 pandemic has alerted us to the importance of air quality. Companies working in commercial real estate that can capitalize on this trend can leverage a competitive advantage. Utilizing an IoT-driven air monitoring dashboard to control the health and safety of your facility, and adapt to rising levels of pollution, provides that advantage.


Properly managing road traffic to mitigate the effects of pollution is an ideal application of our dashboard. Use our tool to integrate and process air quality data, maintain control over and balance high-traffic volume, and boost public health by identifying high-pollution areas. It can also be used in conjunction with other tools, like our fleet management system.


The Smart City concept is the cornerstone of modern urban development and it is predicated on creating spaces that mitigate the impact of pollution. Our dashboard ensures that designing Smart City concepts and installations with minimal air quality issues is achievable. Any project can easily be controlled thanks to the high-quality metrics of our tool.

The Benefits of Creating Custom Air Management Solutions with Kaa

We designed Kaa as a flexible platform that can function as a cloud hub for your legacy and new devices to ensure your ability to manage air quality is individualized to the highest degree. Using Kaa as your solution means it is future-proof, flexible, intelligent, and built-to-measure. Here’s how:

  • Ready-to-go IoT smart metering solution template/dashboard
  • Connect any device via popular IoT protocols or gateway
  • Training, support, and development services are available
  • Over-the-air software updates for your devices
  • Flexible deployment options, including both PaaS and self-hosted
  • Customizable and open for multiple integrations

The Kaa Air Quality Management Dashboard

Our out-of-the-box dashboard is ready to get to work for your company. All you need to do is sign up for a free trial now and one of our colleagues will get in touch with you.

Kaa smart metering dashboard