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what you can do with Kaa

Enable modern IoT capabilities for consumer electronics devices with Kaa

As consumer electronics devices are getting increasingly smarter, companies tap into a variety of IoT use cases for their product monitoring, management, and customization. The problem here is that there’s a myriad of smart connected devices available from different vendors. So, connecting them into a meaningful solution naturally requires a middle layer, which is what an IoT platform like Kaa is all about.

Kaa allows managing, collecting, analyzing, and acting on every aspect of communications between connected devices. Kaa offers an end-to-end IoT feature set that allows creating IoT device management & analytics solutions for consumer products in days instead of months. By design, Kaa supports popular IoT protocols that make it compatible with virtually any modern consumer product or microchip — smart home appliances, HVAC systems, wearables, and micro computer boards. For legacy devices, Kaa comes with an IoT gateway offering or can be integrated with third-party device gateways.

Taking advantage of highly customizable, feature-rich IoT dashboards provided by Kaa, you can ensure hassle-free remote monitoring and control for any of your electronics devices. Unlike a hard-wired application that comes as standard with the device, Kaa allows you to create a custom-tailored full-scale IoT solution, connect any devices you need, add any graphical widgets you like, and scale this solution to include hundreds or thousands of devices.

We designed Kaa as a flexible and powerful tool to let you freely implement the most incredible ideas into your consumer electronics solutions. With Kaa, IoT development is business and art all at once. Try it and see for yourself.

IoT-powered device management enables consumer electronics vendors to significantly increase the capabilities of their products. First, they can use IoT to manage their device lifecycle, which includes device health and performance monitoring, predictive maintenance, remote troubleshooting, and over-the-air software updates. Second, IoT can help them further improve their products by collecting user behavior data, analyzing popular features, and running A/B software tests.

IoT device management is also essential for delivering a modern, personalized customer experience. Companies can use Kaa to create unique IoT applications based on their devices and even let users to further customize those applications according to their needs.

Finally, advanced IoT device management provided by enterprise-grade IoT platforms like Kaa enables device vendors and solution integrators to build IoT solutions that are flexible and future-proof. You can set up different configurations for different device groups, maintain multiple application versions at once, create custom user access policies, and do many other things on the go! Read more about advantages of using an IoT platform for device management.

How you can improve your device management by using Kaa:

  • Device inventory, asset management
  • Device performance monitoring
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Remote commands, remote troubleshooting
  • Over-the-air software updates
  • Flexible user access policies

Customizable IoT dashboards are a major benefit of using an IoT platform for consumer electronics devices. In order to easily track device data, set up events, and run remote commands, it is important to have a flexible UI that allows you to have all functions in one place. In Kaa, IoT dashboards can be custom-configured with over 30 graphical widgets, enable multi-dashboard drill down capabilities based on the device context, support flexible access and editing rights, all without coding on behalf of the user!

Also, we’ve introduced a user-friendly IoT template feature that allows creating and sharing dashboards for specific IoT use cases inside the Kaa community. To start, we added ready-to-go dashboards for smart metering, fleet management, and smart building automation solutions. Check out our Kaa IoT Cloud to see what other dashboards are already there!

Here’s what you can do with IoT dashboards in Kaa:

  • Integrated IoT dashboard with 360-degree view into device data
  • Drill-down dashboards for more specific device data
  • Fully customizable dashboard functionality
  • Configurable editing rights depending on the user role
  • Reusable IoT dashboard templates

In order to more effectively monitor and control modern electronics devices, companies should use IoT analytics as an integral part of their go-to-market strategy. IoT analytics makes it possible to keep track of device real-time and historical data on a very granular level, easily switch between individual parameters for analysis, and understand trends. Analytics also enables you to set up any kinds of events for smart alerts and notifications, or create complex rules for such events. IoT analytics is the cornerstone for any automation in modern device management workflows.

That’s why Kaa includes IoT analytics as a standard feature. Even under our free plan, Kaa Cloud users have all the Kaa features at their disposal and can create end-to-end IoT solutions, from plain-vanilla telemetry tracking to rule-based analytics and smart alerts.

Device data analytics can be also effectively used for tracking user experience and pinpointing weak spots. Understanding actual user behavior with the help of IoT device analytics can help companies shed light on many potential improvements and new use cases for their products.

Take advantage of the following capabilities with IoT analytics in Kaa:

  • Real-time and historical data device data analytics
  • User data analytics
  • Smart alerts and notifications
  • Analytics rule engine