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WEBINAR Smart Water Leak Detection Systems: IoT Expert Review
Mar 5 10 am EST | 3 pm GMT | 4 pm CET


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Let’s meet at GITEX 2021

We are excited to unveil our new product at GITEX Technology Week 2021! We will be introducing the Kaa IAM, Identity and Access...

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What is an IoT Gateway?

An IoT gateway is a specific type of an IoT device that connects not-so-smart sensors, devices, and systems to the cloud. An IoT...

As a key part of modern IoT solutions, IoT data analytics enable businesses and IoT enthusiasts to convert data collected from their...

  • Platform updates

New Release: Kaa 1.1 is Here!

We are delighted to announce the new Kaa 1.1 release, which offers multiple improvements on configuration management...

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What is an IoT platform?

An IoT platform is a multi-layer technology that enables straightforward provisioning, management, and automation of...

  • IoT Trends

5 global IoT trends to follow in 2017

With a vast number of large and small companies rooting their operations in the IoT technology, the year 2017 promises to add...

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Industrial IoT Innovation - Kaa

Our Kaa Platform open source community is developing IoT applications using our free, open source middleware to build a...