IoT Device Management and Analytics for Smart Wearables

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what you can do with Kaa

Enhance your wearable devices with end-to-end device management, monitoring, and analytics provided by Kaa

Wearable technology is a hallmark of the Internet of Things and the most ubiquitous of its implementations to date. The efficiency of data processing achieved by various smart wristwear, smart clothes, and medical wearables is getting to the point where this consumer-oriented side of IoT technology will bring tangible value to our everyday lives. Soon, we will have access to unobtrusive remote healthcare, personal lifestyle management, work assistance, parental controls, public safety monitoring, and many other IoT services based on wearable technologies. With the help of modern cloud-based IoT platforms, such as Kaa, wearable device manufacturers and application developers can introduce these new capabilities in shorter timeframes and at greater scale.

The Kaa IoT Platform functions as a device, application, and data management platform for your wearables. Thanks to its user-centric approach, Kaa dramatically simplifies device-to-cloud integration routines for your engineers, and offers perhaps the most straightforward device management UI on the market. Another benefit of Kaa is that it can be redistributed under the hood of your wearable technology to your own customers, thus enabling you to deliver various SaaS solutions on top of your smart devices.

As a cloud-native IoT platform, Kaa offers second-to-none scalability and reliable performance to ensure loss-free communication between your wearable devices. Built on a modern microservice architecture, it also provides developers and DevOps engineers with broad freedom of customization, broad choice of development tools and languages, and the ability to implement any type of cloud deployment. As a result, your team can quickly get started with Kaa and shorten the development timeline for wearable devices & software management solutions from months to weeks or even days.

In addition to its device management and data collection functionality, Kaa empowers your wearable solutions with data analytics and visualization tools, which enable device manufacturers to track performance and device health stats, analyze the accuracy of sensor algorithms, and execute A / B testing for different device software.

Connected with Kaa, your wearable devices will be easy to monitor, control, analyze, and upgrade at any scale or level of precision.

Device management capabilities are essential for wearable device vendors to be able to efficiently monitor their device lifecycle and roll out remote software updates. Device management enables them to easily track their active devices, ensure secure connectivity, and maintain customer SLAs. Manufacturers can see how their devices perform in the field, track their health and performance metrics, run remote troubleshooting and over-the-air software updates. Also, IoT can help them further improve their wearable products by analyzing user behavior data and running split tests for new features and software.

IoT device management is also essential for delivering modern, personalized customer experiences. Companies can use Kaa to create unique IoT applications based on their devices and even let users to further customize those applications according to their needs.

Finally, IoT-powered device management for wearables enabled by Kaa will help you create devices that are more versatile, customizable, and future-proof. You can set up different configurations for different device groups, maintain multiple application versions at once, and create custom user access policies to boost your product value! You can also use Kaa to implement custom services on top of your products, such as personal health assistants or a workforce management solutions.

Overall, you can improve your wearable device management by using the following Kaa tools and features:

  • Device inventory, asset management
  • Device performance monitoring
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Remote commands, remote troubleshooting
  • Over-the-air software updates
  • Flexible user access policies

In order to more effectively track modern wearable devices at every stage of their lifecycle, companies can take advantage of IoT analytics and IoT-powered data management. By collecting different types of device data, IoT analytics allows companies to gain insight into device performance on a very granular level, understand the impact of specific external and internal conditions, and analyze historical trends. Analytics also sets the foundation for rule-based automation, thus enabling you to set up various events for smart alerts and notifications, or create complex rules for such events.

In Kaa, IoT analytics comes as a standard feature, without the need to acquire it as an extra module. Even under our free plan, Kaa Cloud users have all Kaa features at their disposal to create end-to-end IoT solutions, from plain-vanilla telemetry tracking to rule-based analytics and smart alerts.

For wearable device manufacturers, data analytics can be also effectively used to better understand user preferences and streamline product evolution. By understanding actual user behavior and their customers’ most common usage scenarios, device vendors can avoid mistakes in their product development and improve their go-to-market philosophy with more accurate, data-driven decision making.

Take advantage of the following IoT analytics capabilities in Kaa:

  • Real-time and historical data device data analytics
  • User data analytics
  • Smart alerts and notifications
  • Analytics rule engine

Customizable IoT dashboards are a major benefit of using an IoT platform for wearable devices. In order to easily track device data, set up events, and run remote commands, it is important to have a flexible UI that allows you to have all these functions in one place. IoT dashboards in Kaa can be custom-configured with over 30 graphical widgets, including data analytics, and support flexible access and editing rights — all without coding on behalf of the user!

Also, we’ve introduced a user-friendly IoT template feature that allows creating and sharing dashboards for specific IoT use cases inside the Kaa community. To get you started, we added ready-to-go dashboards for smart metering, fleet management, and smart building automation solutions. Check out our Kaa cloud to see what other dashboards are already there!

Here’s what you can do with IoT dashboards in Kaa:

  • Integrated IoT dashboard with 360-degree view into device data
  • Drill-down dashboards for more specific device data
  • Fully customizable dashboard functionality
  • Configurable editing rights depending on the user role
  • Reusable IoT dashboard templates