Managing urban telecom infrastructure with KaaIoT

Use cases covered for RFS:
Public Lightning
Public Buildings
Environmental Sensors
Parking and Waste

Effectively handling modular smart pole devices can be quite a puzzle, requiring the setup of a robust and scalable cloud system. Collaborating with the Kaa IoT platform, RFS successfully achieved seamless data collection from Smart Pole devices and implemented real-time visualization through flexible IoT dashboards. The envisioned IoT cloud solution seamlessly integrates with the Smart Pole, aggregating data from a wide array of sensors installed on it to meet diverse monitoring needs.

About Radio Frequency Systems

RFS specializes in the design and manufacture of premium, future-ready cable solutions for customers across the globe. With over 120 years of heritage in the industry, RFS builds reliable and long-service life connectivity systems. It designs innovative cable solutions that deliver best-in-class connectivity while tackling network pain points and offering a lower Total Cost of Ownership.

About Radio Frequency Systems
Radio Frequency Systems

Solution structure


  • Kaa IoT Platform On-Premises Installation
  • Elasticsearch
  • Kubernetes
  • Private LoRa network
  • Microservices
  • Advanced monitoring (Prometheus, Grafana)
  • InfluxDB
  • NATS/Kafka


  • LoRa Gateway
  • Air Quality Sensor
  • Humidity Sensor
  • Parking Lot Tracker
  • Garbage Bin Tracker
  • Power Unit
  • Lightning
  • Light Level Sensor
  • Vibration Sensor
  • Security Camera
  • Microprocessor
  • Screen


  • WiFi
  • LoRaWAN
  • ZigBee
  • 3G/4G/5G

Implemented Kaa features

  • Real-time interoperability between infrastructure systems, devices, and sensors
  • Remote device management for Smart Pole units and their equipment
  • Secure communication
  • Data collection and processing from all modules of the pole
  • Segregation of equipment access for organizations operating street lights, environmental sensors, PDUs, parking, and other applications
The whole approach was suggesting that Kaa can be adapted to whatever the need is. I was proven right! They provided outstanding support in setting up a solution for us on-premises, in realizing the edge controller to grab the data and send it to Kaa, and in realizing new features inside Kaa to react to new requirements. Dietmar Brunsch, Leader Site Solutions Initiative


Kaa added an extra layer of proactivity by enabling end-users to receive timely alerts via SMS, email, or instant messaging. This real-time notification capability empowered RFS Smart Pole to promptly address issues and mitigate potential risks, enhancing the overall reliability and performance of the urban telecom infrastructure. The system further ensured the segregation of equipment access for organizations operating street lights, environmental sensors, PDUs, parking, and other applications.

iot smart pole dashboard iot smart pole dashboard

Smart parking

By employing sensors to determine availability and occupancy, the smart pole monitors individual parking spaces in real-time. Afterwards, this data is utilized to give drivers dynamic parking guidance, which eases traffic by pointing them in the direction of open spots.

iot Smart parking use case iot Smart parking use case

Smart waste management

A smart garbage collection system includes sensors for monitoring the level of the bins. The data is transmitted to a central platform, which then optimizes collection routes based on actual needs, eliminating unnecessary truck trips and reducing fuel consumption.

iot Smart waste management use case

Smart tree watering

The green zones use sensors to measure soil moisture levels around trees. The Kaa IoT platform analyzes this data and then automatically triggers targeted irrigation from built-in water tanks. This smart irrigation system optimizes water usage, while real-time data on tree health ensures the optimal growth and well-being of each tree.

iot Smart tree watering use case iot Smart tree watering use case

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