Plug-and-play environmental monitoring solution with Kaa IoT platform

Use cases covered for Atmesys:
Smart farming
Air Quality Monitoring
Renewable Energy
Water Management

Capturing diverse environmental parameters from different devices can be a challenge, requiring a centralized cloud solution. Through collaboration with the Kaa IoT platform, the Atmesys solution efficiently collects sensor data, offering real-time visualization, and implementing a customizable client data management system to address the unique requirements of each user.

About Atmesys

Atmesys, a leading Polish company, offers modular environmental data acquisition systems with full autonomy and an open architecture. Specializing in the manufacturing of weather monitoring stations, Atmesys presents a versatile hardware solution known as Atmesys stations, designed for seamless integration with over dozens of weather sensors simultaneously.

About Atmesys
Atmesys stations

Solution structure

Atmesys' environmental monitoring solution, built atop the Kaa IoT platform, seamlessly orchestrates IoT data management and visualization. Kaa provides out-of-the-box support for the real-time visualization of data from the whole variety of environmental sensors built into the Atmesys stations.

Sensors included into the solution

  • Solar radiation measurement using PV panel telemetry (W/m2)
  • Temperature, relative humidity, and atmospheric pressure measurement
  • Soil moisture and temperature sensors
  • Soil nutrient sensor (nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus)
  • Solar radiation sensor (UV, IR, VIS)
  • Wind speed and direction sensor (mechanical or ultrasonic anemometer)
  • Air quality sensor, suspended particulate matter PM1, PM2.5, and PM10
  • Leaf moisture sensor
  • Rainfall sensor
  • pH reaction sensor
  • Atmospheric discharge sensor
  • Starling/mole deterrent
  • Noise intensity sensor
iot Sensors
We are sending around 4 gigabytes of data every 24 hours from installed endpoints. Piotr Grzymski, CEO at Atmesys

Implemented Kaa features

  • Seamless data visualization
  • Dynamic interface for data analysis and personalized control panels
  • Timely alerts via SMS, email, or instant messaging
  • Secure data isolation
  • Individual datasets managed through creator policies
  • Easy to scale up to more than 10,000 devices
Implemented features

Atmesys and KaaIoT: Enabling Versatile Environmental Monitoring Solutions for Diverse Use Cases

Renewable energy monitoring

Atmesys provides a precise environmental data monitoring solution tailored for renewable energy plants. The dashboard offers a quick overview of key metrics, accessible to end users through easily interpretable charts on a dedicated mobile app or an online control panel. 

The integration of Kaa IoT platform into Atmesys' solution enhances the efficiency and reliability of renewable energy monitoring, making it a valuable asset for users seeking optimal energy management and sustainability.

Renewable energy monitoring

Air quality monitoring

By deploying sensors in urban areas, Atmesys measures pollutants and monitors air quality to address environmental pollution and public health concerns. The Kaa IoT platform-backed air quality monitoring solution takes this a step further by enabling the creation of alerts when specific parameters exceed predetermined thresholds. This proactive approach ensures a timely response to potential environmental issues.

The applied suspended particulate matter sensor operates based on the phenomenon of light scattering by laser light on suspended particulate matter particles. Analysis and calculations of the content of particles of different sizes occur in real-time.

Air quality monitoring
Despite the regulations and legislation concerning heating in Poland, our cities often face severe smoke during the winter. To address this problem, we've created a fully autonomous IoT solution that can be deployed close to affected areas, like near a kindergarten in Wroclaw. We've created a user-friendly air quality monitoring dashboard made available to parents and school management to decide if outdoor activities are suitable based on air quality. Piotr Grzymski, CEO at Atmesys

Water quality monitoring

Atmesys offers a comprehensive solutionfor monitoring water quality, levels, and infrastructure conditions to promote sustainable water resource use and management. In natural water sources, Atmesys installs buoys equipped with sensors to provide real-time data on parameters such as dissolved oxygen, turbidity, and pH.

The Kaa IoT platform plays a crucial role in processing and visualizing this data, offering a holistic view for effective environmental water quality management.

Water quality monitoring
Water quality monitoring

Smart farming

Atmesys' monitoring system serves as an on-the-fly consulting solution for the smart farming industry, leveraging real-time data. The solution monitors crucial weather measurements that influence various aspects of farming, including planting schedules, irrigation management, and pest control.

With the integration of Kaa, Atmesys provides a dynamic and responsive smart farming solution that empowers agricultural practices with data-driven insights.

Smart farming Smart farming

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