Streamlining Integration and Deployment of IoT Healthcare Ecosystems

Patient monitoring devices and applications for Healthcare are among the most widely utilized implementations of the Internet of Things today. However, the industry only makes its first steps in leveraging the next tier of the IoT asset hierarchy – ecosystems of IoT devices and integrated multi-system solutions. On this tier are such real-life examples as initiatives for comprehensive remote monitoring and smart hospital ecosystems. Some might say it’s too early to plan for that but we beg to differ.

On this webinar we will explain why Healthcare service providers, OEMs and technology companies should really care about IoT ecosystems and integration issues right today. As IoT is going to pervade further into Healthcare technology, a massive amount of IoT-powered devices will have to be managed and operated very soon. We are going to explain how to prepare for complex IoT Healthcare deployments starting with your first services, and for manufacturers – how to ensure your solution is open for integration and will be easily ported into different kinds of ecosystems.

We will also address such crucial aspects of modern IoT Healthcare systems as scalability, security and data management.