Introducing the Kaa release 1.3

The Kaa 1.3 release allows for a faster and easier way to launch your IoT solution.

Within minutes, you will be able to launch one of our templates and connect a simulated device that generates a series of data. There are also other new features that you will be able to learn about, such as: IoT Templates, Branding Customization, File Management, Backup & Recovery, Migration to Helmfile and Helm 3, and more.

Webinar overview:

  • 00:01​ Introduction
  • 00:35​ About Kaa Cloud: Kaa ID registration, UI description, features
  • 02:35​ What’s new In Kaa 1.3, brief overview
  • 04:17​ IoT Templates demo (Smart Building)
  • 06:28​ Widgets editing demo
  • 07:28​ Branding customization demo
  • 11:46​ File Management
  • 14:05​ Backup and Recovery
  • 14:29​ Migration to Helm 3 and Helm
  • 15:00​ Preview features in release 1.4