Introducing the new Kaa release 1.2

Watch the recording of our webinar dedicated to the latest Kaa release 1.2. During the webinar, we’ll demonstrate all the cool features added for the past few months to the Kaa platform and the Kaa Cloud. You will learn how to efficiently use data analytics & alerts, device credentials management, multi-tenancy, binary data collection, and other Kaa 1.2 features to create top-notch IoT solutions. Even if you had no previous experience in IoT development, the new Kaa will get you up to speed real fast!

We’ll make sure the webinar puts multiple pieces of puzzle together to address each and everyone’s need:

  • Quick onboarding for new Kaa users
  • An overview of Kaa 1.2 new features and improvements
  • Live Kaa Cloud experience
  • Kaa 1.2 tips and tricks
  • Future roadmap