Kaa IoT Platform - Enterprise and Open Source Development History

Difference between Kaa Enterprise platform and Kaa 0.x open-source platform

Kaa Enterprise is a completely new generation of the Kaa platform that was built with the best features of the first generation (now Kaa 0.x) in mind while taking advantage of the modular microservice architecture and emerging IoT standards.

Kaa Enterprise platform provides key IoT functions out of the box as well as allows you to customize its components or add new ones as you see fit.

Feature kaa 0.x open-source kaa enterprise
Architecture Monolithic Microservices
Connectivity protocol Proprietary Open, standards-based
Gateway connectivity model One connection per device Single, multiplexed connection
Communication security RSA+AES (D)TLS
SDK Required Optional
Device credential management No Yes
Device metadata Structured Structured or unstructured
Device filtering / grouping Yes Yes
Data collection Single data type, structured only Unlimited data types, isolated flows, structured or unstructured
Configuration management Structured only Structured or unstructured
Data processing and analytics 3-rd party integrations Built-in or 3-rd party integrations
Data visualization 3-rd party integrations Built-in customizable dashboards or 3-rd party integrations
Device notifications Yes No, superseded by commands
Command execution No Yes
Over-the-air updates No Yes
Multiple applications Yes Yes
Application versioning Yes Yes
Technology stack Mainly Java Polylingual
Scalability, elasticity, self-healing Manual Automated container orchestration
Server configuration Non-portable, stored in DB Portable declarative blueprint

Kaa 0.10.0 open-source platform

Kaa 0.10.0 documentation


For development, experimentation, or small-scale uses of Kaa, please either download Kaa Sandbox, or deploy it directly to Amazon Web Services.

Sandbox image

2.23 GB

Deploy sandox to AWS

Kaa Core

For Kaa cluster installations you can download ready-to-use Debian or RPM packages for various Linux flavors, or build Kaa from source code.

Debian Package

184 MB

RPM Package

181 MB

Source code

14.2 MB

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