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Smart Buildings Connectivity: KaaIoT & MClimate Partnership


kaa mclimate partnership

No matter how the IoT develops, one constant is the difficulty of integrating hardware and software. Navigating the complexities of hardware-software connectivity demands collaborative efforts, a focus underscored by the newly forged partnership between KaaIoT, the company behind the Kaa IoT platform, and MClimate, a provider of best-in-class LoRaWAN-based smart building solutions.

Many companies struggle with complex IoT connectivity when building solutions. This partnership solves that challenge by offering seamless integration, bridging the gap between hardware and software.

Let’s discuss the details of the partnership, starting with a description of what the companies specialize in and what they bring to the table.

About partners


Kaa IoT is a leading provider of the Kaa IoT platform, a cloud-based solution that simplifies building and managing IoT applications. The platform offers robust features for device management and data collection, visualization and analysis, and other tools for building IoT solutions.

Kaa prioritizes simplifying device connectivity by supporting various communication protocols to streamline the process for engineers working with diverse IoT devices. The platform offers comprehensive documentation, tutorials, and sample code, expediting the onboarding process and empowering them to embark on IoT projects efficiently.


MClimate is a Europe-based company specializing in the development and production of LoRaWAN-based IoT hardware and software for smart buildings. The company's focus lies in creating open-source, universally compatible sensors and actuators designed to enhance energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and prevent water loss along with facilitating general building automation. MClimate's platform-agnostic devices offer flexibility and reliability for various use cases, regardless of whether businesses opt to build their own smart solutions, utilize MClimate's end-to-end offering, or require an OEM solution (original equipment manufacturer).

Partnership goals

KaaIoT and MClimate have outlined goals to drive innovation, enhance customer experience, and foster seamless integration within the IoT ecosystem.

Facilitate hardware-software integration to ensure seamless connectivity

The foremost objective of this collaboration is to streamline the integration process between hardware and software components, ensuring that connectivity issues are minimized and data flow remains uninterrupted.

Integrate products to provide comprehensive solutions to customers

KaaIoT and MClimate aim to offer customers comprehensive solutions that address a wide spectrum of needs, encompassing smooth device management and efficient data collection by seamlessly integrating their respective products.

Foster joint development and innovation in the IoT community

Beyond individual product integration, the partnership seeks to foster collaboration and innovation within the IoT community. By pooling their expertise and resources, KaaIoT and MClimate aim to drive forward advancements in IoT technology, which ultimately benefit end-users with enhanced solutions and functionalities.

These goals align with the key applications the partnership targets, including smart buildings, energy efficiency optimization, air quality management, and water management. Through concerted efforts, KaaIoT and MClimate aspire to deliver impactful solutions that elevate the standard of IoT deployment across various sectors, ultimately enhancing the overall customer experience.

Consumer advantages

This partnership between Kaa IoT and MClimate offers several significant advantages for companies developing and deploying smart building solutions. Let's go over each one individually.

End-to-end integration

One of the key benefits is the seamless integration between MClimate's LoRaWAN devices and the Kaa IoT platform. This eliminates the need for complex, custom integration efforts, simplifying the entire process from device onboarding and data collection to data visualization and management within a unified platform.

Enhanced connectivity

The combined offering leverages Kaa's robust platform capabilities with MClimate's expertise in LoRaWAN technology. This ensures reliable and efficient data transmission between LoRaWAN devices and the Kaa platform, even in challenging environments.

Simplified development process

By pre-integrating MClimate's devices with the Kaa platform, this partnership significantly reduces the complexity of developing smart building solutions. Developers can focus on building innovative applications without investing time and resources in custom device integration.


The streamlined integration and development process leads to cost savings for customers. Eliminating custom integration efforts and leveraging pre-built functionality within the Kaa platform can reduce development costs and resource requirements.

Faster time-to-market

The pre-integrated solution allows companies to deploy and implement smart building solutions quickly. This reduces the time it takes to get new applications and functionalities up and running, allowing businesses to capitalize on the benefits of smart building technology sooner.

Selected use case: Smart heating system

Heating and cooling systems account for a significant portion of a building's energy consumption. Traditional, centrally controlled HVAC systems often struggle to achieve optimal comfort and efficiency, particularly in larger buildings with varying usage patterns across different spaces.

Smart energy management solutions, like MClimate's Vicki – the first smart radiator thermostat to be LoRaWAN certified – have greatly enhanced energy-efficient building management. Through its remote temperature control capabilities, Vicki goes beyond monitoring and enables immediate heating control, which in turn improves energy efficiency, results in significant cost savings, and reduces the carbon dioxide footprint within buildings.

Key features of the Vicki thermostat include the following:

  • Up to 35% cost savings on energy consumption
  • 10-year battery life
  • Installation within 24 hours

The architecture of this smart solution is elegantly simple yet highly effective. Each building has an IoT gateway installed as the data collection and communication hub. Meanwhile, Vicki thermostats are mounted on every radiator throughout the premises. This setup ensures comprehensive coverage and seamless integration of the smart radiator management system.

The integration of MClimate's Vicki thermostats with the Kaa IoT platform further amplifies the benefits of this solution. Through seamless integration into the Kaa Cloud, building managers gain access to a unified interface for monitoring and controlling radiator temperatures across the entire facility. Real-time data insights enable proactive decision-making, optimize energy usage, and enhance comfort.

The Kaa IoT platform offers seamless integration and management for MClimate's products, boosting smart energy management. Let’s discuss the main benefits end-users get with this powerful combination.

Simplified device management

The Kaa Cloud provides a centralized platform for configuration, monitoring, and remote updates for all Vicki thermostats within a building.


The system can easily accommodate many radiators and buildings.

Data visualization and analytics

Kaa enables building managers to visualize temperature data and gain insights into heating patterns, allowing for further optimization.

This integration empowers building managers with a comprehensive solution that optimizes energy use and creates more cost-effective, sustainable, and comfortable heating.

Summing up

The Kaa IoT and MClimate partnership offers a compelling solution for simplifying the development and deployment of smart building solutions. By combining Kaa's powerful IoT platform with MClimate's best-in-class LoRaWAN hardware, this collaboration provides end-to-end integration, enhanced connectivity, and a streamlined development process. This translates to cost savings and faster time-to-market for customers building innovative solutions to optimize energy efficiency, air quality, and water management in smart buildings.

Stay tuned for more integrations of the Kaa IoT platform that facilitate smart solution building. Get in touch with us if you want to integrate your IoT hardware and offer advanced device management, data visualization, and scalability to your end-users.

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