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Post-Webinar Q&A: IoT Energy Management with KaaIoT’s Automation Flow


What happens if the Internet connection breaks between sensors & actuators and the cloud where KaaIoT is located? Can the same control algorithm be downloaded to a standalone local 'controller' so there are no interruptions?

We don't have built-in functionality to download and process rules on the device. However it's possible to download rules and action definitions using REST API and process expression on the device if possible. If a device loses connection during executing the command invocation action, the device will receive all missed commands when the device reconnects. Also it's possible to see what commands were not processed by device in the platform web interface.

In this example of home automation, you are using images with animation. Are you offering such images along with the platform or creating images externally to support visualization requirements?

These images were created by our design team; generally you can use any externally created images to represent your equipment, floor plans, etc.

Can you provide reference to some of the complex applications?

Definitely; we have showcased a simpler solution in the webinar.

Can KaaIoT support scheduling of reports through email options?

Yes, as a part of our data analytics, visualization, and reporting function.

Does Kaa only work with metadata?

We launch the rule engine with the endpoint metadata support and plan to expand to telemetry soon as well.

Does Kaa only work with metadata?

Can you provide some information about Cybersecurity & Data Privacy features of KaaIoT platform?

Is there a way to define the rules based on dashboard content? If you have several offices and don't want to redefine all rules and actions new for every room.

We don't have this option currently, but we're considering working on that in the future.

How is secure user authorization implemented in Kaa and where does Kaa store the user data?

Authorization and authentication is handled using open source software called Keycloak. Keycloak implements best practices in case of storage and additionally the disks where the data stored are also can be encrypted. We're using the Kaa Identity and Access management which provides comprehensive, unified user resource access and permission management. It implements best practices in case of storage, and additionally the disks where the data stored are also can be encrypted.

Do you have the ready dashboard to control temperature and air conditioning in multiple buildings? Like supermarket chains. Maybe you can offer it custom built

Currently no, but we consider the possibility to create a template that would cover these features.

Can Kaa analyze temperature data, build graphs and send summaries via email? For ex., weekly/daily. I'm for the teacher's board and we want to track classroom conditions to improve the learning process

We use a powerful analytics engine that can cover these needs, however it's currently not possible to send emails recurrely. But we are planning to implement this in the near future.

What is the cost for running Kaa on our premises? Will we be able to customize alerts and functionality? We have old air conditioners so can Kaa team help with connecting them to some kind of smart controllers

We provide professional services and can certainly help you with connecting your devices. Cost of running Kaa on your premises consists of 2 parts: 1- license price. (based on the number of active endpoints and on some technical details such as whitelabeling etc.) 2 - infrastructure price. (based on your load it can vary from 100$ per month) As for customizing alerts and functionality, of course you will be able to do that.

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