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KaaIoT & Supermicro Showcase AI-Powered IoT Solutions for the Edge at Embedded World '24

9-11 April Nuremberg, Germany 1 Hall, 1-208 Stand
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KaaIoT & Supermicro Showcase AI Solution at Embedded World '24

Join us in Nuremberg, Germany, from April 9th to 11th, 2024, for the Embedded World conference. This year, KaaIoT will participate alongside Supermicro to showcase a collaborative AI solution that demonstrates digital twins, computer vision and IoT running independently on Supermicro hardware. 

Leveraging computer vision, digital twins, and robotics, the solution automates color-based object separation and sorting with a conveyor belt, a camera, and independent robotic arms.

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The KaaIoT platform monitors, manages and orchestrates commands between the camera, the robotic arms, the conveyor belt and the data processing hardware, and provides real-time 3D digital twins visualizations of these real life components for centralized monitoring and control, and synchronization with AI systems.

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This solution demonstrates how the combination of AI technologies like computer vision and digital twins, robotics, powerful hardware, and an IoT platform, can fully automate production line sorting. A few industries that this solution can be applied include:

  • Logistics and distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Agriculture
  • Food processing
  • Waste management
  • E-commerce and retail

This is just one example of how AI technologies like digital twins and computer vision can be used for real-world applications. Other use cases include:

  • Automated assembly operations
  • Safety monitoring including automated remote shutdown capabilities
  • Defect detection and separation for manufactured goods 
  • Autonomous crop harvesting
  • Retail theft detection
  • Obstacle and faulty infrastructure detection
  • Shipping automation 
  • Sales automation
  • Production capacity monitoring
  • Process efficiency monitoring

With KaaIoT you can control and monitor your IoT machines, robots, sensors and devices using a graphical UI or REST API and leverage the power of Node-RED for rapid prototyping and deployment. The Kaa IoT Platform is a cloud-native platform that runs on Kubernetes, ensuring high performance, scalability, and security.

If you’d like to meet us at the show, or are interested in discussing potential implementations in your field, please contact us here

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