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KaaIoT to Speak at IoT Day Slam 2024 on Smart City Automation

Revolutionizing smart cities through IoT platforms and smart poles: Kaa & RFS

KaaIoT is excited to announce its participation in the upcoming IoT Day Slam 2024 conference, held virtually on March 21st. The session will include a live discussion between our expert Anna Padun and Dietmar Brunsch, Innovation Manager at our valued client Radio Frequency Systems (RFS). Together, they will delve into the strategic role of smart poles within the urban telecom infrastructure.

This session showcases the integration of smart poles within the urban telecom infrastructure. Attendees will explore how this modular solution utilizes a flexible and scalable IoT platform to seamlessly collect data from smart pole sensors and present it in real time through customizable IoT dashboards.

The speakers will discuss the structure of urban telecom infrastructure, focusing on the unique functionalities of smart poles. This includes exploring the seamless integration of sensors, data analytics, and automated decision-making, using the example of efficient smart parking management to illustrate its practical application.

Through this session, attendees will gain valuable insights into:

  • The critical role of smart poles in building a comprehensive smart city infrastructure
  • How to leverage IoT platforms to effectively collect, manage, and visualize data from smart city devices
  • Practical applications of smart city solutions, using efficient smart parking management as an example

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Anna Padun serves as the Head of Business Development at KaaIoT, advocating for the adoption of the advanced Kaa IoT platform to devise and execute robust IoT solutions. With extensive experience in IoT, data engineering, and cloud consulting, Anna offers profound insights into the industry's complexities and opportunities.

Dietmar Brunsch holds the role of Innovation Manager at RFS, where he applies his extensive technical and engineering expertise to develop the RFS smart pole system. Focused on fostering sustainable urban development, Dietmar is a seasoned IoT innovation manager with a meticulous approach to crafting reliable and long-service-life connectivity systems.

Let's examine how smart city automation is reshaping urban landscapes with an eye toward a brighter tomorrow.

Register now for your complimentary virtual pass to the IoT Day Slam 2024 conference on March 21st, commemorating World IoT Day 2024 (April 9th). This event is organized by the IoT Community, the world’s largest community of IoT thought leaders and practitioners, shaping the future of the IoT landscape.

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