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IoT Asset Tracking Solutions: MikroTik & KaaIoT Partnership


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Data-driven businesses today can’t afford to skip IoT asset tracking if they want to make sure their operations don’t stop and boost productivity. IoT lets you manage and keep track of all your assets from a single screen, so you can quickly check your assets.

MikroTik and KaaIoT have partnered to develop robust and scalable IoT solutions that address the complex needs of tracking assets across industries. This article discusses the goals and advantages of their collaboration and how asset tracking is made easier with the MikroTik KNOT IoT gateway and the Kaa Cloud.

About the partner: MikroTik

MikroTik is a provider of network hardware and software solutions that specializes in designing robust and scalable networking equipment. Wireless and wired routers, switches, and access points made by MikroTik are suitable for use in any size network, from homes to large corporations. One of the key advantages of MikroTik solutions is the low-cost, low-bandwidth cellular connectivity supported by numerous mobile operators globally, making it a viable option for widespread deployment.

RouterOS is the company’s operating system, created especially for MikroTik hardware to deal with complex networking setups. MikroTik provides detailed technical documentation, training courses, and certification tests to back up its hardware and software.

MikroTik & KaaIoT partnership goals

MikroTik and KaaIoT are working together to provide a solution for building and managing reliable IoT deployments. There are three main goals that the companies want to achieve. Let’s go through them below.

Streamline device onboarding and management

A lot of time and resources may be needed to connect and manage a large fleet of IoT devices. Kaa provides simplified onboarding, configuration, and management of MikroTik KNOT gateways. Users will find it easier to set up and maintain the system and free up resources for other tasks. Also, they can make use of detailed tutorials provided by the companies.

Enhance data collection and analysis

Data is the lifeblood of any successful IoT deployment. However, collecting, storing, and analyzing data from numerous devices can be a significant hurdle. You can efficiently gather, store, and analyze data from KNOT gateways with the help of the Kaa IoT platform. Users can now obtain detailed insights into their devices’ performance and operational health.

Integrate advanced analytics capabilities

Kaa can integrate external AI and ML modules, so you can unlock advanced IoT analytics capabilities and gain valuable insights from the data collected by KNOT gateways. Thanks to that, companies can optimize resource utilization, predictive maintenance, and operational efficiency.

Benefits for customers

The partnership between KaaIoT and MikroTik aims to offer significant benefits to customers, the main of which we’ll consider below.

Simplified application development

Customers gain access to a fully-integrated IoT solution, which significantly reduces deployment time and complexity. So they can focus on developing and implementing their applications without worrying about compatibility or initial setup issues.

Increased visibility and control

Intuitive dashboards and advanced analytics tools provided by the Kaa IoT platform enhance visibility and control over IoT deployments. Users can monitor everything in real time, analyze performance data, and make informed decisions to optimize operations. This makes it simple for companies to keep their networks running smoothly and efficiently.

Interoperability with existing infrastructure

The partnership facilitates integration into customers’ current environments by ensuring interoperability with existing systems and infrastructure.

Summing up, the customers get a more efficient and flexible IoT ecosystem that leverages the strengths of both KaaIoT and MikroTik to deliver a superior experience.

IoT asset tracking with MikroTik KNOT & Kaa Cloud

Integrating MikroTik hardware into the Kaa IoT platform opens numerous opportunities for IoT solutions, particularly in asset tracking, environmental monitoring, and industrial automation.

And here’s why. MikroTik’s robust hardware and Kaa’s advanced platform capabilities enhance operational efficiency and visibility with seamless management and analysis of IoT data.

Let’s focus on the selected use case: adding the MikroTik KNOT IoT gateway to the Kaa IoT platform.

MikroTik KNOT is an IoT gateway that works with Bluetooth, Narrow Band (NB-IoT), and Cat-M. The gateway can monitor the GPIOs on board and use HTTPS and MQTT to send Bluetooth packets to a TCP/IP network. It can also serve as a TCP bridge between wired Modbus sensors and the platform, providing wireless connectivity to traditionally wired sensors like electricity meters and relays.

The KNOT’s Bluetooth interface is particularly valuable for asset tracking and telemetry. It supports any BLE tag that sends advertisement data, such as iBeacon and Eddystone formats. With its ability to capture tags at a distance of up to 70 meters, KNOT is great for various outdoor cabinet IoT applications. It includes a DIN rail mount for easy integration across diverse setups, from agriculture to cold chain monitoring and industrial manufacturing.

Where can the KNOT IoT gateway be used?

  • Asset tracking
  • Remote monitoring
  • Industrial automation
  • Inventory management
  • Cold chain monitoring
  • Smart agriculture
  • Waste management
  • Facility management

What does Kaa bring?

The Kaa Cloud handles the data management layer. It offers a comprehensive suite of features to simplify and streamline asset tracking operations. Below is a brief overview of the advantages Kaa offers.

Centralized monitoring

Kaa goes beyond simple data collection by offering a central hub for visualizing and managing all your connected assets. From a single, intuitive dashboard, you can gain a comprehensive view of asset location, status, and sensor data, streamlining decision-making and simplifying overall asset tracking operations.

Advanced device management

The Kaa IoT platform provides robust tools for configuring and monitoring KNOT gateways remotely. Users can perform firmware updates, adjust settings, and troubleshoot issues without physically accessing the devices. By maintaining consistent device performance and reliability, Kaa helps users focus on their core operations rather than worrying about the technical aspects of their IoT infrastructure.

Customizable dashboards

The Kaa Cloud supports customizable dashboards, widgets, branding options, and third-party integrations. Users can tailor their Kaa dashboard to display the most relevant asset data, ensuring that they have access to the information they need most.

Scalability and flexibility

Kaa is a highly flexible and robust IoT platform for any scale of enterprise IoT projects. Your deployment can scale seamlessly alongside your growing asset base, while the Kaa IoT platform ensures reliable performance regardless of the number of tracked assets.

The Kaa IoT platform provides a range of features out of the box, enabling developers to build advanced smart applications, orchestrate end-to-end data processing, and analyze device telemetry. With the platform’s open APIs and modular design, businesses can seamlessly integrate its features into their existing systems and applications.

Notifications and alerts

Kaa offers highly customizable notifications and alerts that can be sent to any device or interface, including web dashboards, email, phone, or mobile apps. Users can set up alerts for various conditions, such as device malfunctions, data anomalies, or specific events that require immediate attention.

Such a proactive approach ensures that users are always informed about the status of their IoT deployment and can take swift action to address any issues. The flexibility in alert configurations allows users to tailor the notifications to their specific needs, ensuring they receive the right information at the right time.

By integrating these advanced features, KaaIoT provides a powerful platform that uses the capabilities of MikroTik KNOT to deliver a comprehensive IoT solution that addresses the complex needs of modern asset tracking and management.

Summing up

For companies looking to develop reliable and scalable IoT solutions, hardware-software partnerships open up new opportunities.

Connecting MikroTik hardware to the Kaa IoT platform provides users with refined device management, faster data collection, and advanced IoT analytics. It enables companies to see their operations in real time, make the most of their assets, and use data to guide their choices.

Do you want to provide your customers with a comprehensive end-to-end IoT solution? Partner with KaaIoT to help businesses unlock the full potential of the Internet of Things and build a more connected future together. Contact the KaaIoT team to explore potential collaboration options.

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