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Enhancing IoT Connectivity: KaaIoT & BROWAN Partnership


kaa browan partnership

We are pleased to announce a partnership between KaaIoT and BROWAN, a leading provider of IoT hardware solutions. This collaboration addresses seamless hardware and software component integration, a major issue for businesses and developers.

Interoperability and easy device-platform connectivity are critical in the IoT ecosystem, which is constantly evolving. With this partnership, KaaIoT and BROWAN aim to simplify IoT solution development.

In this article, we want to share the details of the partnership and its advantages for the IoT ecosystem.

About partners


The KaaIoT company stands behind the Kaa IoT platform, a PaaS solution for developing and managing IoT applications. The Kaa IoT platform offers a comprehensive suite of features, including device management, data analytics, and application building. 

The Kaa IoT platform collaborates with companies across various sectors, including automotive, smart cities and buildings, agriculture, industrial, logistics, smart energy, and environmental monitoring. The platform's flexibility allows it to help build IoT solutions tailored to the specific needs of each industry. Kaa’s track record demonstrates its ability to deliver reliable and scalable integration and management of IoT ecosystems.


BROWAN is a leading hardware manufacturer for the IoT industry. BROWAN’s expertise lies in integrating wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi, BLE, LTE, and LoRa to create custom solutions tailored to specific vertical markets. The company produces indoor and outdoor IoT gateways and sensors such as air quality, water leak detection, temperature, and humidity sensors. This hardware combination enables the creation of tailored IoT solutions for various industries, including manufacturing, agriculture, logistics, and smart cities and buildings.

Goals of the partnership

Integrate products

The primary objective of the partnership between KaaIoT and BROWAN is to integrate KaaIoT’s advanced software solutions seamlessly with BROWAN’s hardware offerings. By merging these components, the partnership aims to provide customers with a unified IoT solution combining robust hardware and powerful software functionalities. This integration will facilitate easier deployment and management of IoT applications, eliminating compatibility issues and streamlining the development process.

Strengthen hardware-software connectivity

Another key partnership goal is to enhance the connection between IoT devices and platforms. KaaIoT and BROWAN aim to improve data transmission efficiency and management capabilities within IoT ecosystems by optimizing hardware-software connectivity. This strengthened connectivity will enable more reliable communication between devices and the Kaa IoT platform, ensuring seamless operation and enhancing overall system performance.

Broaden functionality and services

The partners have joined forces to offer more options in terms of functionality and services. The partnership will combine KaaIoT's software expertise with BROWAN's hardware innovations to create more sophisticated IoT solutions. This expanded functionality will empower businesses to address a wider range of use cases and unlock new opportunities for innovation and growth.

Advantages for customers

The partnership between KaaIoT and BROWAN offers many benefits for customers seeking reliable and efficient IoT solutions.

Improved connectivity

With enhanced connectivity between IoT devices and the Kaa IoT platform, customers can experience smoother operations and data flow within their IoT ecosystems. Integrating BROWAN’s best-in-class hardware with KaaIoT’s robust software ensures reliable communication channels and uninterrupted data transmission and management.

Streamlined development

The collaboration between KaaIoT and BROWAN accelerates IoT project development by offering pre-integrated hardware and software components. By leveraging this pre-integration, customers can significantly reduce the time to market for their IoT solutions. This streamlined development process helps businesses deploy IoT applications quickly and gain a competitive edge in their respective markets.

Alignment and interoperability

Ensuring compatibility and seamless integration between hardware and software components is crucial for the success of IoT deployments. Thanks to the partnership, customers benefit from enhanced alignment and interoperability between BROWAN’s hardware offerings and KaaIoT’s software solutions. This compatibility minimizes compatibility issues, simplifies implementation, and improves the overall efficiency of IoT ecosystems.


A key advantage of the partnership is optimizing resource utilization and reducing overall costs associated with IoT solution development and deployment. Customers can achieve cost-effectiveness in their IoT initiatives by streamlining development processes and ensuring efficient hardware-software integration. The collaborative approach between KaaIoT and BROWAN enables businesses to maximize the return on investment in IoT technologies while minimizing expenditure.

Selected use case: Integrating MerryIoT Air Quality CO2 Sensor into Kaa

MerryIoT Air Quality CO2 Sensor

Air quality monitoring has become increasingly important in various environments, from homes and offices to public spaces and industrial facilities. The demand for reliable and user-friendly air quality sensors has surged with growing concerns about indoor air pollution and its potential health impacts.

The BROWAN MerryIoT Air Quality CO2 Sensor is a compact yet high-performance device that measures temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide levels. This sensor has a red/yellow/green LED indicator and a buzzer to alert users when CO2 levels exceed recommended thresholds. To conserve battery life, the LED indication is triggered only when users wave their hands over the sensor, thanks to its integrated proximity detector. The MerryIoT sensor offers easy press-and-play installation, which allows users to set up and start monitoring air quality right out of the box.

Through the partnership between KaaIoT and BROWAN, the MerryIoT Air Quality CO2 Sensor can seamlessly integrate with the Kaa Cloud. This integration provides users with a comprehensive solution for monitoring and managing air quality data across multiple sensors and locations.

Connecting the MerryIoT sensor to the Kaa Cloud allows users to access real-time data visualization, historical trends, and customizable alerts and notifications. The Kaa IoT platform's advanced analytics capabilities enable users to gain valuable insights into air quality patterns and potential issues. Furthermore, the integration allows for remote management and configuration of the MerryIoT sensors, streamlining the deployment and maintenance processes across large-scale installations.

By combining the cutting-edge technology of the BROWAN MerryIoT air quality CO2 sensor with the powerful capabilities of the Kaa IoT platform, the partners offer a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for monitoring and managing indoor air quality.


  • Remotely provision and configure LoRaWAN devices connected to the gateway.
  • Collect, visualize, and analyze sensor data in real time.
  • Create smart alerts and rules based on the data from devices.
  • Implement advanced device management functionalities.

By leveraging the strengths of BROWAN's hardware and Kaa Cloud, businesses can easily build various indoor IoT applications, including smart building management, asset tracking, and environmental monitoring. This integration allows seamless data collection, analysis, and visualization to optimize operational efficiency and improve decision-making processes.

Final words

In summary, the collaboration between KaaIoT and BROWAN offers a compelling solution to the challenges businesses face in the IoT landscape. By seamlessly integrating KaaIoT’s advanced software solutions with BROWAN’s best-in-class hardware offerings, customers can benefit from improved connectivity, streamlined development processes, enhanced compatibility, and cost-effectiveness.

More smart solution building integrations with the Kaa IoT platform are coming, so be sure to check back. Contact our experts if you want to integrate your IoT hardware to provide your customers with advanced device management, data visualization, and scalability.

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